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  请问 ventoy 可以从网络上的 PXE 服务器启动吗?
Posted by: qaqz111 - 10-22-2023, 06:25 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (2)

比如我在公司用 iventoy 搭一个服务器,配置好各种安装镜像和无人值守的脚本,给客户只要安装一个 ventoy,然后配置好客户那边的 ventoy(指定我的 iventoy 服务器地址)让它启动后在机器能连接外网的情况下直接通过访问 iventoy 服务器转入 PXE 启动流程,全过程不需要用户干预就能完成系统安装。

请问 ventoy 能实现这样的功能吗?

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  Problem with External Net and Legacy BIOS
Posted by: aalexander - 10-22-2023, 04:09 AM - Forum: iVentoy Discussion Forum - Replies (2)

I have a problem when i try to boot PXE from Old PC with Legacy BIOS. I take this error message (image). 
I have used Extrernal Net settings because iVentoy server and the third-party DHCP Server are located in different LANs/VLAN.
I would like to inform you that if I use PC with UEFI all work ok. Could you help me?

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Posted by: Diatomacious - 10-21-2023, 11:03 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (1)

I've tried adding the autounattend to both the root of the ventoy drive (have not tried the ventoy boot partition yet just the iso data partition) and the root of the DVD iso file.  Both methods work without using ventoy but fail when using ventoy.  Am I doing something wrong?  I have added Windows PE configuration pass settings and need the answer file to load with the boot environment.  Would loading a command prompt from within the windows PE environment and specifiying the answer file work if the answer file was on the ventoy data partition?  Tried searching the forum but looks like json editing is in order.  Is this correct?  Thanks in advance for any help.

Looks like the json file configuration worked. Slightly confusing but I copied your json example and changed it for my file nomenclature. I thought for sure adding the autounattend to the root of the iso would work though but it would not even load, just kicked me back to the ventoy selection menu. Can a single iso have multiple autounattend files?

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Posted by: lxz0000 - 10-19-2023, 12:38 AM - Forum: iVentoy Discussion Forum - Replies (1)


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  当linux kernel 版本为6.5.0时VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT=1不生效
Posted by: erlizn - 10-18-2023, 01:45 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - No Replies


VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT=1 当linux kernel 版本为6.5.0时不生效

ventoy版本 1.0.96,vtoyboot版本1.0.30

测试OS:ubuntu 23.10(kernel 6.5) 及 kali linux 2023.3  (kernel 6.5)。



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  Can I use Ventoy USB for moving files?
Posted by: slavicblades - 10-18-2023, 09:16 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (2)

I would like to use Ventoy to create digital toolbox, but I'm confused about partitions. Sometimes I would need to move files between Linux (booted using Ventoy) and Android/Windows 8 (separate machine), but I also need ability to install Windows from Ventoy.

If I would keep default exFAT filesystem for partition 1, I think I will be able to access files from Android/Windows 8 and install Windows, but will Ventoy-booted Linux be able to modify files on this partition? If not, do I have any other options?

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  MX-23.1_386 does not start
Posted by: MarkF - 10-17-2023, 02:28 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (2)

I have a problem with (the newest) MX-Linux for x86-systems. It does not start, maybe does not find files.
For an old Laptop with 32bit-CPU I have downloaded the newest MX-ISO: MX-23.1_386.iso (from https://sourceforge.net/projects/mx-linu...o/download). Ventoy is the newest 1.0.96. Other ISOs - e.g. Knoppix, Linux Mint, AOMEI-backupper are starting.
I have tried on 1/2 dozend PC, and always the same: Depending on the CPU with or w/o the mandatory option/cheat "forcepae" and disabling "quiet" and enabling the boot-messages: After a lot of booting-messages and
"Loading hardware specific modules ..."
some red error-messages appeared, beginning with
"insmod: can´t insert '/ventoy /mnt/squashfs/lib/modules/': unknown symbol in module or invalid parameter"
"/prog/misc: No entry for device-mapper found"
and ending with
"b Block device"
"c or u Character device"
"p Namend pipe (MAJOR and MINOR are ignored)"
Followed by the message
"Scan usb,cd devices. Look for boot file(s) antiX/linuxfs"
"Filtered devices /dev/mapper/ventoy /dev/sr0"
"Retry for 15 seconds "
and then
"Fatal error"
"Could not find file antiX/linuxfs"
"Searched devices: /dev/mapper/ventoy /dev/sr0"
"Searched types: usb,cd"
"All block devices: /devsr0 /dev/sda3 /dev/sda2 dev/sda1 /dev/sda"
Then it stops and gives the choice to shutdown or reboot.
No difference when testing with "modern" PC and the default start-command-line.
What is the problem, what can I do?
Edit: I have additional tested the previous version MX-21.3_386 and this is starting (in normal mode) and working.

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  Windows could not prepare the computer to boot
Posted by: Pawlash - 10-17-2023, 11:28 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (2)

Hello,  I use ventoy on Ssd through SATA/USB dongle. Installing Linux works, but when I try to install Windows, I can't. The ventoy drive is visible in windows installator(it never was when I was using pendrive) and when selecting partition (not the ventoy drive partition) and clicking "next" an error appears Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation.
To solve this error you need to unplug unnecessary drives, but I can't as windows iso is on my drive

Newest Ventoy version, GPT UEFI, Windows 10, 11 and Server 2016 ISOs

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  请教一下在 arm64 平台 FT-D2000 CPU 上启动 vhd 镜像的问题
Posted by: josephgch - 10-17-2023, 10:55 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (4)

管理员您好,我手头上有一台联想开天M740J台式机(16G内存,FT-D2000 8核心CPU,512G M.2固态硬盘,昆仑固件),想和x86平台上一样将麒麟系统装到vhd里运行,目前遇到几个问题想请教一下
2、使用qemu在x86平台下装好麒麟系统,运行vtoyboot.sh脚本正常完成,生成的镜像复制到经过ventoy处理的硬盘上可以列出来,选择后也出现了linux的黑色列表选项界面,然后再下一步要启动系统时就停住了。然后试验了第二种方法,就是在硬盘上正常安装系统并运行脚本,然后把硬盘拿下来用 diskgenius 将硬盘整体复制到镜像里,这个镜像可以启动到麒麟系统的启动画面,蓝色麒麟一直飘动就是无法进入桌面。请问在飞腾CPU下应该怎么操作才能正常进入桌面,硬盘分区的文件系统有没有特定需求,谢谢!

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  Ventoy User Profile
Posted by: Mayara Alves de Oliveira - 10-14-2023, 11:57 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - No Replies

I am a software engineering student at the University of Brasilia - UnB, where we are carrying out a study on the usability of the Ventoy website for the Human-Computer Interaction discipline, for this we need to raise the profile of the user who uses Ventoy, could you help us? Just answer this short form that takes less than 3 minutes.
Thank you in advance for your collaboration.


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