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Photo ventoy制作的u盘在macbookpro2017上无法启动
Posted by: dongxf - 04-07-2022, 07:23 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (3)

macbookpro 2017 13" 无touchbar



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Heart Ventoy-1.0.73 release
Posted by: longpanda - 04-06-2022, 01:13 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (1)

  • 2022/04/06 --- 1.0.73 release
  1. Ventoy Subscription Service. Notes

  2. A dialog will be popped up when you click install button if Ventoy already installed in the disk.
    Then you must enter YES in the text box manually to confirm the installation.

  3. If the ISO file name is too long to displayed completely. You can press left or right arrow keys ← → to scroll the menu.
  4. Add F5 Tools  --> Power --> Reboot to EFI setup  menu in UEFI mode, (reboot to UEFI BIOS Setup).
  5. Add F5 Tools  --> Hardware Information  menu.
  6. We can set menu tip position and color for per-theme. Notes
  7. Prevent DLL search order hijacking for Ventoy2Disk.exe/VentoyPlugson.exe/VentoyVlnk.exe.
  8. Fixed a bug that VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT option does not take effect for Manjaro/Arch.
  9. vtoyboot-1.0.21 release. Notes
  10. languages.json update

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  mod Ventoy Menu Tip Plugin(Design ventoy ventoy 1.0.72)
Posted by: AlexBryansk - 04-03-2022, 11:48 AM - Forum: Ventoy Plugin Forum - No Replies

In continuation of the topics: Backgrounds per backrestDesign ventoy mod_ventoy 1.0.70.

I imagine the modified  "Ventoy Menu Tip Plugin".
Except for the general parameters for all "tip": left, top и color.
Now you can set individual parameters for each hint: tipleft, tiptop и tipcolor.
Now the hint message can contain up to 7 lines: "tip1"...."tip7".


"menu_tip":    {
      "left": "2%",
      "top": "42%",
      "color": "blue",
      "tips":    [
             "dir": "/ISO/Antivirus",
             "tip1": "антивирусники: AVIRA Rescue Disk,",
         "tip2": "ESET NOD32, Kaspersky Rescue Disk,",
         "tip3": "Dr.Web AntiVirus.",
         "tipleft": "68%",
         "tiptop": "2%"
                "image": "/ISO/linux/CentOS-7-x86_64-Everything-2009.iso",
                "tip1": "           Это не live-cd !!!!!",
                "tip2": " CentOS  — дистрибутив Linux, основанный на",
        "tip3": "коммерческом Red Hat Enterprise Linux компа-",
        "tip4": "нии Red Hat и совместимый с ним. С помощью",
        "tip5": "этого установленного дистрибутива - компили-",
        "tip6": "руется ventoy. На виртувльной машине где-то",
        "tip7": "25-30 минут, на физической 7-10 минут."
                "image": "/ISO/Antivirus/eset_sysrescue_live_enu.iso",
                "tip1": " базы от 2020г+gparted-на",
        "tip2": " русском.на slax.В составе",
        "tip3": "утилита USERINIT_FIX созда-",
        "tip4": "на компанией ESET специально",
        "tip5": "для борьбы с вирусами-вымо-",
        "tip6": "гателями.Запустите ее и сле-",
        "tip7": "дуйте инструкциям.",
        "tiptop": "51%",
        "tipleft": "7%",
        "tipcolor": "black"
                "image": "/ISO/multiboot/mod_ventoy-1.0.72-livecd.iso",
                "tip1": "Для записи ventoy на флешку.",
                "tip2": "Работает лучше, чем под Windows.",
                "tiptop": "36%",
        "tipleft": "6%"

The video of the example can be viewed at the link: My ventoy.
You can download the modified files from the following links: ventoy-1.0.72-linux.tar.gz  ventoy-1.0.72-windows.zip  ventoy-1.0.72-livecd.iso

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  Linux vDisk - Will Games Run Slowly In vDisk?
Posted by: trymeout - 04-02-2022, 12:33 AM - Forum: Ventoy Plugin Forum - No Replies

I install and was able to run some games on a Manjaro and Linux Mint vDisk. It is in a VDI file and the computer I am using is powerful enough to run the game.

When I run the game it will freeze my computer after a minute, forcing me to reboot my computer. I am not sure if this is the limitations of using a Linux vDisk or if there is something more I need to do to make the game run smoothly.

I have used the Windows VHD plugin and was able to play high end games on the VHD with very little performance loss.

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  Linux vDisk - When Do You Install the DEB/RPM File?
Posted by: trymeout - 04-02-2022, 12:19 AM - Forum: Ventoy Plugin Forum - Replies (2)

In this guide below, it is not clear for distros such as Kali Linux on when to install the DEB file. Do I install it before I install the distro into Virtualbox, after I install the distro into VirtualBox, After I run vtoyboot for the first time?


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solved Qubes OS无法在Ventoy 1.0.72中启动
Posted by: MCSeekeri - 03-31-2022, 11:23 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (6)

虽然Ventoy 1.0.70已经支持了Qubes OS 4.1.0,但在我实机测试时仅能显示启动选单,不论是选择直接安装还是检查镜像都会黑屏。
我在VMware中测试过,Qubes OS安装时也会检查镜像,但可以按Esc跳过。实机启动却没有任何提示。

设备为联想小新Air15 2021锐龙款,U盘为三星Earplus 256GB版本。
Qubes OS镜像于VMware中正常启动,虽然会提示虚拟化错误...

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Question Advise: Persistence cleanup / growth issue
Posted by: zittware - 03-31-2022, 05:51 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (2)

I have persistent working well with a Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS liveCD in an Automation environment.
As of late; i've noticed that the persistent FS is growing by just booting the image. IE after 100s of boots; the file system fills up to be totally full and eventually I have to "replace" the persistant.dat with a backup copy to restore functionality.

Looking for advice how to debug this "growth" issue.
Can I mount the presistant.dat file in another liveCD and "clean up"?
If so; how would I do this?
What should i look for as far as files taking up space?
Is there a way to force a filesystem check on the .dat file while booting? Would that help "clean up"?

Is there a tunefs command which might help limit the writes to the persistant.dat ? IE turn off journaling or something?

Obviously; I'd prefer to not have to regularly restore the .dat file in automation as that kindof defeats the purpose of having the persistence in the first place. 

Looking for any advice or ideas someone might have.

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  Linux vDisk Boot Plugin: Automatically Run Script On Shutdown/Restart
Posted by: trymeout - 03-28-2022, 08:35 PM - Forum: Ventoy Plugin Forum - No Replies

There are ways to add shutdown/restart tasks to be executed before a linux machine is shutdown. This is useful for having the script running automatically before every shutdown to ensure you can boot back up into the Linux vDisk after updates that the user may not be aware of. Distros like Linux Mint allow for automatic updates to happen in the background and if an update break the booting into the vDisk without the user knowing, having the script execute before shutdown will prevent this.

I would suggest having the vtoyboot as a package which can be easily installed and updated within the vDisk distro. I would recommend maintaining it on the AUR and Pacstall to ensure users can get the latest versions installed and to be able to install it on most or any distribution. For other distros, the current vtoyboot script will be needed but having a package which on the AUR and Pacstall will allow for updates and to ensure it will run vtoyboot on every shutdown and restart.

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  Linux vDisk Plugin: Manjaro screen turns yellow
Posted by: trymeout - 03-28-2022, 01:12 AM - Forum: Ventoy Plugin Forum - Replies (2)

I installed Manjaro as a vDisk on my Ventoy drive and was able to boot it up and all was working well, I created a few new files and installed a few new apps. I then restarted Manjaro and ever since them the entire screen has a strong tint of yellow. So strong I can barely see the screen and had trouble shutting it down, logging in, using the distro.

I tried rebooting into Manjaro again and I still get this yellow screen. Has anyone else had this issue?

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  无法引导debian-live 镜像
Posted by: mswang2005 - 03-27-2022, 11:22 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (1)

到最新的1.0.72为止,仍然不能引导 debian-live 镜像!

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