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solved 【Solved】关于自动应答文件配置方式的想法
Posted by: cast - 09-25-2022, 10:41 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (2)

自从有了ventoy,系统安装配自动应答文件也很方便了,但人总越来越懒 Big Grin






ventoy-01 用作关联,以后ISO文件只要在前面加上这些就可以分类用了。


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Posted by: zyx723 - 09-23-2022, 08:05 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (3)

Ventoy 默认启动设置  通过设置下面两个选项来启动对应的镜像文件:







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Smile How to Create Ventoy on Mounted Image
Posted by: SavageSquirrel2 - 09-23-2022, 06:14 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - No Replies

Thank you Ventoy team of volunteers for all the help you have given everyone in the world, everyone loves your great product, and all it's improvements and updates over the years. Your hard work has paid off.

When I mount a disk image in Gnome Disks, but it does not show up in Ventoy, even if I select Show All Devices. This happens even if I mount the Disk Image as writable. Why does Ventoy not display writable mounted images? Thank you everyone!

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  VTOYEFI partition
Posted by: SavageSquirrel2 - 09-23-2022, 06:11 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (4)

Hello, thank you for creating an excellent USB boot tool, this is the best software of any kind I have found in 4 years, amazing. My question for this forum is, I would like to create a normal Ventoy USB, but then clone the VTOYEFI partition to a blank disk, and create a new Ventoy USB manually. I have gotten almost there, but it still will not boot. I have cloned the VTOYEFI to the new USB disk as partition 2, set ESP flag; then on partition 1 I have made FAT32, set Boot, LBA flags, named it VENTOY. Both the original Ventoy USB stick and new USB stick are MBR. When I boot to the new USB stick it says I have not set it up correctly. What step do I do next to make it work? Thank you, I am enjoying the challenge of doing this manually.

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Posted by: Werner - 09-21-2022, 05:29 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (22)


I get the following message (from USB-Booting):

Tails is running from non-USB / non SDIO device
I use ventoy 1.0.80

Who can help me?

Kind regards

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Heart Ventoy-1.0.80 release
Posted by: longpanda - 09-21-2022, 12:08 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (3)

  • 2022/09/21 --- 1.0.80 release
  1. Add secondary boot menu for boot compatibility improvement. Notes

  2. Now wimboot mode supports WinPE ISO files.

  3. Make injection plugin available in WIMBOOT mode. (#1834)

  4. Add support for HoloISO. (#1644)
  5. Bugfix for booting latest Gentoo live. (#1770)
  6. Bugfix for booting latest ALT linux. (#1784)
  7. Always use /bin/bash to launch VentoyPlugson.sh (#1809)
  8. Add w and r hotkey for WIMBOOT and GRUB2 mode. (#1837)
  9. Fix typo in VentoyPlugson web page. (#1782)
  10. Fix the 'overflow is detected' error in WIMBOOT mode for large ISO file.
  11. Fix a bug when ISO contains a ks=file:/xxx boot parameter.
  12. languages.json update
  13. Total 1000+ iso files tested. (A big milestone)

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  ventoy can't boot Windows/ WinPE iso on Dell Inspiron 3558, but can boot on Dell 3543
Posted by: oldman20 - 09-21-2022, 11:42 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (8)

Can boot into Ventoy, but can't boot any iso!
I tried also with Sony pendriver 4Gb and GPT/MBR scheme, with/ without secure boot support but still not working.
these are work flawlessly with Dell3543
Thank great work

I already feedback in github but not solved!

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Lightbulb F4:LocalBoot > Boot from a specific partition
Posted by: Osminogig - 09-21-2022, 05:38 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (1)

Hello everyone !

I have three partitions on my disk with different operating systems.
If I mark any of them active, the corresponding OS is loaded.
Sometimes I use Boot-US or mark the desired partition active through the partition manager - but it's a long time and not beautiful, agree.
I would like to see similar functionality in Ventoy !

I.e. In the F4:LocalBoot menu, create Boot from a specific partition, which will contain a list of disks and partitions, as in the F2:Browser menu.
When a partition is selected, the OS contained in it is searched for and booted.
Is it possible ?

All the best !

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  Made my own Windows 10 ISO with an autoanswer file but it won't boot
Posted by: DawnTreader - 09-20-2022, 02:18 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (6)

So just as the title says, I built an ISO with an autoanswer file. But it won't boot in the ventoy USB. So I made it into its own USB with Rufus and it boots and does what I need it to. Why won't it work on the Ventoy USB?

I was thinking that maybe it is some kind of checksum thing that Ventoy might do or maybe the fact that I used WinISO to do the adding of the autoanswer file.

Any and all help appreciated.

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Posted by: wp13 - 09-20-2022, 01:43 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (3)

尝试了两个U盘,两个U盘均为大厂U盘并提示制作成功,但是无法引导电脑,没有任何报错,在引导菜单闪一下再次回到引导菜单。电脑为Thinkpad T480,secure boot 和 TPM enabled。

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