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Star 【★★★ Ventoy Subscription Service (Ventoy 订阅服务) ★★★】
Posted by: longpanda - 03-25-2022, 05:12 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (1)

Ventoy is an open source software under GPLv3 license.
But Ventoy project need to pay for the server hosting, domain name, bandwidth, many USB sticks for test, large capacity of HDD (for downloading ISO files) and so on.
For the better and sustainable development of Ventoy, I provide the subscription service.

Please refer https://www.ventoy.net/en/doc_subscription.html for details.

Ventoy 是一款开源免费的软件(使用 GPLv3 许可证)。
但是 Ventoy 项目需要一定的支出,包括服务器托管、域名、带宽(海外)、QQ/网盘年费、大量的测试U盘、大容量硬盘(下载各类ISO文件)等等。
为了 Ventoy 能够更好的、可持续的发展,特推出了此订阅服务。
详请参考说明: https://www.ventoy.net/cn/doc_subscription.html 

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  使用ventoy引导VHDx中的Deepin--boot Deepin from VHDx using Ventoy
Posted by: lietlie - 03-23-2022, 12:24 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (1)

要在Ventoy引导随身Deepin,于是在Windows 11的Hyper-V中制作了Deepin的VHDx放在Ventoy,但是启动不了

i've made a Deepin in VHDx file using Windows 11 Hyper-V, but it doesn't work at all

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  Boot behavior with different MicroSD adapters
Posted by: testerics - 03-21-2022, 01:35 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (7)

Ventoy 1.0.71 installed on MicroSD 32GB. Inserted in 2 MicroSD adapters. Multiple ISO inside.


Test on Toshiba Satellite (old model, LEGACY mode only):


Yellow adapter is booting well after boot menu (can be seen as Mass Storage Device).
All ISO's are working, even both MiniTool ISO's (MiniToolPartitionWizard v12.6 and MiniToolPowerDataRecovery v10.1) are working fine.


Black adapter is showing Grub shell after boot menu (can be seen as Generic USB SD Reader).


Test on Lenovo ThinkBook (new model, UEFI and LEGACY mode):

UEFI mode
Both adapter is booting, only 2 ISO (MiniToolPartitionWizard v12.6 and MiniToolPowerDataRecovery v10.1) are not working, both is presenting this error, even if both are x64 EFI bootable.



Both adapters is showing GRUB shell after boot menu (can be seen as Generic USB SD Reader or Mass Storage Device).


Very strange behaviour..

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Heart Ventoy-1.0.71 release
Posted by: longpanda - 03-21-2022, 06:25 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (1)

2022/03/11 --- 1.0.71 release

  1. VTOY_DEFAULT_IMAGE can be set to F2> to automatically enter F2 browser mode.

  2. Fix the bug when booting FreeBSD 13.0 in F2 browser mode.

  3. Auto use memdisk mode for Memtest86+ and KolibriOS iso file.

  4. Support Easy Recovery Essentials for Win10/Win11.

  5. Suppress Fn hotkey when VTOY_DEFAULT_IMAGE is set to Fn>.

  6. New ISO support (total 830+)

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  screen resolution and mouse support different via ventoy
Posted by: perfection - 03-19-2022, 07:30 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (2)

I hope i am able to express this adequately to you folks

When i boot an iso (say free Macrium bootable iso) i get a very ugly resolution which hides several tabs and functions and often does not let me access tabs such as 'ok' to complete an operation.   Also i do not get mouse support (i need to attach an external mouse when running most ventoy compatible isos).  Ventoy's screen resolution option does not solve my proble3m at all. 

HOWEVER, when i use Rufus to make the same iso bootable, i get a brilliant display at high resolution of the bootable software with everything visible and accessible (not needing me to push and pull screens  to get to some tabs) and i also have mouse support (on the trackpad)

Why does this huge difference in executing the two iso's occur?  what exactly is happening?


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Photo Ventoy loads minimal grub shell on UEFI
Posted by: heroksiddiqi - 03-19-2022, 07:23 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (7)


Ventoy works perfectly with my 32-GB Pendrive but I haven't been able to use it from my hard disk.

I have 2TB HDD where I created a FAT32 partition installed Ventoy inside that partition.

But when I boot, it just shows a minimal grub command-line interface, nothing else.

Here is a picture:

[Image: photo6174442343780954474.jpg]

I know there is an issue about the legacy BIOS limit, posted here: https://ventoy.net/en/doc_legacy_limit.html

However, I'm running on a UEFI setting in GPT scheme.

Is there any way to fix this?

My CPU Spec:
Motherboard: Asrock A-320M 
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 (2200G)
HDD: 2TB Seagate Barracuda

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  Ventoy 1.0.7 and file system exFat errors
Posted by: kosh2323 - 03-15-2022, 06:38 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - No Replies

I checked several ISO LinuxMint images, when I exit Live mode, it is suggested to take out the flash drive and press Enter, and I do so, then I load into Windows 10 x64, insert the same flash drive, and a window appears with a notification that the flash drive is damaged and errors need to be fixed, I fix it, and this notification no longer appears. But why does it appear at all? After downloading these ISO images, this notification appears:



After downloading these ISO images, the notification does not appear and there are no errors on the flash drive:



Starting with version 20 of Cinnamon, flash drive errors occur.
Moreover, if you write linuxmint-20.3-cinnamon-64bit.iso, it through Rufus 3.17, then there are no errors.
All ISO images are checked with a checksum on the official website, and were downloaded from there. In addition, there are other ISO images on the flash drive, these are utilities and others. All are loaded without problems. When pulling out and inserting the flash drive later into the working system, no errors occur.

After long checks, changing flash drives, ports, that's what we managed to find out. If you boot from a flash drive with Ventoy, and specify the ISO image as the ISO image that is on the HDD (I'm trying on this linuxmint-20.3-cinnamon-64bit.iso ), then there are no errors, but if the ISO image is selected from another connected flash drive, then errors occur on the flash drive where it is located. As a result, there is a suspicion that errors occur due to the file system of the exFAT flash drive (I tried to reformat it with Windows tools, it did not give results). Then I decided to try the same operations with NTFS, Fat32 file systems with the same ISO image. As a result, there were no errors when reconnecting the flash drive.

There is an assumption that the exFAT file system is not the best choice. Is it possible to add an option in which the user himself will choose which file system the partition will be formatted to accommodate ISO images?

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  Why are all uefi botable isos not supported out of the box
Posted by: perfection - 03-14-2022, 05:19 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (6)

There is something i have never understood about using isos with ventoy

What exactly interferes with ventoy supporting all UEFI bootable isos out of the box?

Why some and not others?

For example, Minitools data recovery 9.2 works perfectly with ventoy uefi boot while 10.2 fails to....

and what tweaking is involved in making these isos compatible and who does it?

can be do it ourselves and is there a guide to it?

I am not the ultimate techie but am a great fan of Ventoy from its inception

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  Welcome ventoy 1.0.71
Posted by: nguyen ha thai trong - 03-12-2022, 04:03 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - No Replies

Wish Longpanda and the members always healthy
[Image: hinh-anh-trai-tim-6.jpg]

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  Is it possible to use XML files with Windows ISO files on another disk
Posted by: Steve2926 - 03-11-2022, 12:43 PM - Forum: Ventoy Plugin Forum - Replies (6)

VentoyVlnk supports .dat  but no mention is made of XML files.
Is it possible to have the Window ISO on a different partition (e.g. Ventoy USB partition 3) and also specfify XML files?

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