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  Changing boot options based on certain choices
Posted by: chris101 - 08-24-2022, 08:07 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (1)

I'm working on building some custom tools built around wiping data and installing Windows 10 on laptops. Thankfully Ventoy has made this totally possible in an "All on one USB stick" method, but I am hoping to make the operation of the tool a bit more user-proof.

For information, here is my order of events:
1. Boot the laptop to the Ventoy drive.
2. Select to boot to a Linux Mint iso (we are just using the live disk environment at the moment)
    Ventoy handily injects script files we need to record information about the device, collect serial numbers, wipe SATA drives etc etc.
3. Reboot the computer to the Ventoy drive
4. Select to boot Windows 10 with an automated install.

I'm hoping there is a way that I can automate the movement between steps 2 and 4 above.

As in, I want to tell Ventoy to only boot to a certain option after I perform a task inside of the Linux Live Disk.

Initially, I was thinking I could edit the ventoy.json file from inside the live disk to adjust the available boot options and auto selection/timeout options (i.e. making Windows.iso select automatically after 1 second) however, trying to mount the Ventoy partition while inside the live disk has proven problematic.

Is there any recommendations about how I might be able to accomplish telling Ventoy to boot to certain .iso files based on various conditions?

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Question Enabling Secure Boot in ASUS Rog Strix Scar Laptops... how?
Posted by: cnd - 08-24-2022, 12:48 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (3)

My laptop Secure-Boot menus contain a few places that allow me to load the ventoy .cer file, which I did (it shows up with the name "grub").  I was a bit confused during the add process though, since it prompts me for a UUID number before allowing the add.

Anyhow - I still get the red "bad sig" error and it won't boot ventoy.

Does anyone have suggestions for how to get this to work?

If you need me to help get this working, I'm happy to do screenshots and experiments etc.

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  vdisk(VHD, VDI, RAW, VTOY)
Posted by: nguyen ha thai trong - 08-20-2022, 05:53 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (1)

Ventoy simulates booting images (iso,wim,vdisk,img...) like the hardware system boots those images, so it cannot boot images (iso,wim,vdisk,img...) from vdisk For example, when you boot medicat.vhd.vtoy or medicat.img from ventoy, it will boot into ventoy on medicat.img or medicat.vhd.vtoy and give the same headings as in ventoy, then if you choose to boot another item from the images (iso,wim,vdisk,img...) then the system will stop or restart

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  is the Ventoy-stick used as swap (per default)?
Posted by: harry88 - 08-19-2022, 02:57 PM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (2)

Hello forum,

is he Ventoy-stick strictly read-only (r/o), or could it happen, that a booted Linux-ISO does user the stick as Swap-device, or that it does write other things to the stick?

Thank's in advance!


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  在 ROG STRIX Z690-A GAMING WIFI D4吹雪主板上启动黑屏
Posted by: lujb - 08-19-2022, 02:55 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (1)

朋友新配一台机器,主板是:ROG STRIX Z690-A GAMING WIFI D4吹雪,用最新的引导启动机器安装时,开机后黑屏状态,无菜单出现。
改用win iso做的引导U盘启动,正常

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Posted by: freestep - 08-16-2022, 03:23 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (1)


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  How to make your own Theme for a non linux user
Posted by: Sparks79 - 08-15-2022, 06:46 AM - Forum: Ventoy Plugin Forum - Replies (3)

I have Dozens of Iso's on my External ventoy SSD.
And the Menu looks crap and is hard to sort through and therefore takes time.
So i need help in creating a Decent Menu.
I am a Die Hard Windows User.
I have used linux a bit but I get lost very easy.
Can someone help me with info about building a menu using windows 10.
And then Transferring it over to the Ventoy SSD

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  I think that I've messed up
Posted by: C@se_G@ge - 08-15-2022, 01:06 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (9)

I'm attempting to install a distribution of linux. I have previously use Ventoy to install Alma linux, but I need to intsall another distribution, so thats that. My issue is that when I boot into the Ventoy Menu, which looks like it installed correctly, the bootable .iso isn't available. Currently the flash drive I'm using is a 32gig onn. and has two partitions listed as sda1 and 2. 1 is 28.9 GiB and 2 is 32 Mib, and this is where the ventoy tool seems to live. I hope you can help me with my dilema, its a bit strange to me.

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Posted by: 不知道是谁 - 08-14-2022, 06:29 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - Replies (2)


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  Microsoft blocks UEFI bootloaders enabling Windows Secure Boot bypass
Posted by: aboamir@gmail.com - 08-13-2022, 07:11 AM - Forum: Ventoy Discussion Forum - No Replies

long panda you should read this 


Some signed third-party bootloaders for the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) could allow attackers to execute unauthorized code in an early stage of the boot process, before the operating system loads.
Vendor-specific bootloaders used by Windows were found to be vulnerable while the status of almost a dozen others is currently unknown.
Threat actors could exploit the security issue to establish persistence on a target system that cannot be removed by reinstalling the operating system (OS).
Elysium security researchers Mickey Shkatov and Jesse Michael discovered vulnerabilities affecting UEFI bootloaders from third-party vendors that could be exploited to bypass the Secure Boot feature on Windows machines.
Secure Boot is part of the UEFI specification designed to ensure that only trusted code - signed with a specific, vendor-supplied certificate - is executed to start the OS booting process.
The firmware bootloader runs immediately after turning on the system to initialize the hardware and to boot the UEFI environment responsible for launching the Windows Boot Manager.

[Image: BootProcessOverview.png][b]Overview of the boot process on UEFI systems[/b]
source: Microsoft
Eclypsium researchers found that three UEFI bootloaders that were approved by Microsoft had vulnerabilities that permitted bypassing the Secure Boot feature and executing unsigned code:
The three Microsoft-approved UEFI bootloads that were found to bypass the Windows Secure Boot feature and execute unsigned code are:
  • New Horizon Datasys Inc: CVE-2022-34302 (bypass Secure Boot via custom installer)

  • CryptoPro Secure Disk: CVE-2022-34301 (bypass Secure Boot via UEFI Shell execution)

  • Eurosoft (UK) Ltd: CVE-2022-34303 (bypass Secure Boot via UEFI Shell execution) 
Microsoft has worked with the last two vendors in the list above and released security update KB5012170 to fix the problem in the provided bootloader.
As part of this fix, Microsoft has blocked all of their required certificates that were issued with the Security Update Release from July 2022.
"This security update addresses the vulnerability by adding the signatures of the known vulnerable UEFI modules to the DBX" - Microsoft
In an advisory this week about the vulnerabilities, the Carnegie Mellon CERT Coordination Center warns that code executed in the early boot stages could “also evade common OS-based and EDR security defenses.”
Carnegie Mellon CERT CC has provided a list with 23 UEFI bootloader vendors, a clear status being available for just three of them: Microsoft (impacted), Phoenix Technologies (not impacted), and Red Hat (not impacted).
The rest of the 20 vendors have also been informed about the issues but it is currently unknown if their products are affected or not.
The list includes names like Acer, AMD, American Megatrends, ASUSTeK, DELL, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, and VAIO Corporation.
A fix for these vulnerabilities should be delivered either by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or the OS vendor by updating the UEFI Revocation List - the Secure Boot Forbidden Signature Database (DBX), a database of revoked signatures for previously approved firmware and software that starts systems with UEFI Secure Boot.

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