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Graphics Out of Sync On ISO Startup
PS- I did not use the "gfxmode" argument, I let it find its own resolution on its way to the screen.
(09-09-2020, 03:41 PM)FroggieTheGremlin Wrote: PS- I did not use the "gfxmode" argument, I let it find its own resolution on its way to the screen.

You are right that gfxmode is not necessary. I found that CLI text mode is actually pretty good, which is fast and easy to read with large font size entry list, and also with iso size info. I almost gave up because of the issue, and now it is the best to have for the multiboot tool.
(09-09-2020, 12:19 AM)bsun99 Wrote: I have the same problem, mostly for WinPE or Windows ISO. My case is that it works if the issued ISO in odd order, but I don't like the way how to make it work.

Finally, Change the display mode to CLI, and everything works. No need to play the odd and even order any more.

Here is how:
Inside the downloaded Ventoy zip file, there is \plugin\ventoy folder, copy the "ventoy" folder to the usb partition where the ISO's are located.
Open ventoy.jason inside ventoy folder on usb, change the theme as following:
"theme": {
        "file": "/ventoy/theme/theme.txt", 
        "gfxmode": "1024x768", 
        "display_mode": "CLI",
        "ventoy_left": "5%",
        "ventoy_top": "95%",
        "ventoy_color": "#0000ff"

It works for me, and hope for you too.

Work for me too.
Boot up Windows, mount the USB drive and goto USB drive \ventoy
Copy ventoy.jason to ventoy.jason.ORG
Modify ventoy.jason as above
Of course CLI mode works well with almost every ISO I have in use, but the problem remains.  If I use the DEFAULT distributed /plugin/ventoy folder at the ROOT of Partition #1 (home of my ISOs), and try and use the GUI mode for ISO selection and use, half of those ISOs fail by presenting a smaller BLACK window (appx 1366x768) on top of the Ventoy GUI, eventually presenting absolutely nothing to the user.  It looks to be loading the ISO (although loading the ISO process cannot be seen in the BLACK window) but eventually presents absolutely nothing to the user for use.  My screen rez is 1920x1080.

If I use "F5: Tools/Screen Display Mode/Force Text Mode" placing the interface into CLI and return to my ISOs, most of the ISOs work well most of the time. If I change the DEFAULT startup mode in the JSON file to CLI, all the ISOs I use work just fine. BUT, some other issues in the general interface start to fail with file format msgs and other things.  This is exactly the same problem that was reported in Post #1 of this thread started in August.  I guess my question is, will this issue ever be addressed or maybe some sort of explanation for the issue with a possible workaround being offered.  Thanks for your help with this...

...and yes it happens with both Windows & Linux installers/creators.
To expand on the above, failing Linux ISOs present a non-synchronized screen presentation... basically unreadable.  Failing WinPE ISOs almost always present this smaller BLACK window (appx. 1366x768) on top of the graphical Ventoy presentation (1980x1020).  While there I see disk activity in the background as though the ISO is actually loading, but when disk activity ceases, nothing is visible in the BLACK window and mouse & keyboard are non-responsive.
OK, after further "extensive" (?) testing, I have come to the conclusion that what I experience, described in this thread, are clearly BiOS issues of some sort.  I have tested the above on three different vendor/hardware/BiOS configurations and only one fails as described previously.  The failure occurs on an HP 4th gen i7-based machine.  Tests on a 3rd gen i7 DELL and 2nd gen i5 Lenovo have no issues at all based on my above problem description.  All three of these machines work as expected (E2B multiBOOT or Rufus single BOOT) as far as any other kind of USB BOOTing scenarios are concerned

At this point I would have to say that Ventoy may be BiOS sensitive in its configuration and if so, that issue may be hard to determine as far as Ventoy is concerned as it relates to different BiOS vendors/configurations.

In the meantime, I will use the TEXT mode DEFAULT (CLI) as that appears to work flawlessly with all tests that I have run.

@Longpanda, I have no idea on the best way to move forward with this issue... but it may rear its ugly head somewhere along the way.  Confused
@Longpanda, I am available for beta testing if you wish to pursue this issue... since I seem to have a unique configuration to test with.
(08-31-2020, 06:50 AM)zolventh Wrote: try using text mode gui on ventoy boot menu.

yeah.. i told you about it a long time ago.. :]
I would like to note that there were no such problems in the graphical menu in the Grub4dos project. The dignity (advantage, benefit) of Ventoy in the graphical menu, without it the dignity (advantage, benefit) is much lower.

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