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Solved External DHCP not working at all
Amazing! I can confirm that 1.0.08 fixes the issue for me!

Also - awesome to see the move from google drive to github for binary releases... Now I can grab the files directly on my server rather than having to SFTP Big Grin

Thanks again... You'll have a pro subscriber coming soon to support your awesome work

can confirm too. works with v1.0.0.8!
now working fine using synology NAS as DHCP server and redirecting PXE config to linux executing iventoy, and then in NAS i use external remote TFTP server and using filename: iventoy_loader_16000

If i try to execute iventoy in NAS (linux, based intel processor), i start the process correclty but i cant start iventoy, as it says the port is already in use

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