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 Coexistence of Centos on Ventoy and Reserved Partitions
(05-11-2023, 12:59 AM)xk-devops Wrote:
(05-10-2023, 08:53 PM)AlexBryansk Wrote: You mean:
1. You installed ventoy first.
2. Then we installed Centos.
3. you have lost the menu item - download Ventoy.

If so, add the Ventoy boot "menuentry"  to grub Centos.
Thank you for your reply, but I have not studied grub. Could you please add the menu from the grub/grub.cfg file in the second partition directly to the grub.cfg file in Centos. If there is an example, it would be greatly appreciated
Hello, I have added grub/grub.cfg under the second partition of Ventoy to Centos'/etc/grub.d/40_ In the custom file, the option 'Ventoy' appears on reboot, but the retrieved path is incorrect and the partition where iso is stored cannot be directly retrieved. I saw VTOY in the document_ DEFAULT_ SEARCH_ The ROOT variable can be used to set the search path, but how can this variable be set to search for partitions that store iso

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