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 ventoy fonts
How can I define a separate font for each theme? Is this possible?

thanks for ur help Heart
You can load some fonts with theme plugin and then use these fonts in your theme.
(03-16-2023, 04:17 AM)longpanda Wrote: You can load some fonts with theme plugin and then use these fonts in your theme.
Should the fonts be in .pf2 format? Does Ventoy support .ttf?

If only .pf2 supported, Is there a site where this format can be downloaded from?
Read in
In short:
1. font for grub2 - *pf2
2. You can set your font separately for each theme and any component in the theme file "name theme.txt ":
Ttitle - title-font; boot menu - item font and selected item font; label - font.
If not set here, the default font will be used.
3. adding the font to parameter in the file ventoy.json: the "theme":

"fonts": ["/path/name file.pf2",

Attention! In the second paragraph
, the font name is set. In the third paragraph, the file name. They can
be different. For example, a music file has the name of one song, and when played, another one sounds with everything. Or the file name
is shorter.

4. You can convert a font from ttf to pf2 using the grub2-mkfont utility. Attention! Use only a single-width font.
refer here to convert .ttf to .pf2 font
I would be grateful if someone could convert these fonts to pf2 format in size 14

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.zip   New (Size: 982.76 KB / Downloads: 24)
On the picture:
filename - font name


.zip (Size: 111.68 KB / Downloads: 32)
(03-17-2023, 06:35 PM)AlexBryansk Wrote: On the picture:
filename - font name

Hey Alex, would you mind converting some popular fonts like Roboto/Inter/Open Sans/Poppins etc. to .pf2 font from

I don't have Linux, or I'd have done it myself. And can we smooth alias the fonts? The fonts look jagged.
In windows, you download grub-mkfont.7z by link ""
Unpacking, for example - C:\Users\alex\grub-mkfont
You copy the font here, for example - Terminus-Bold.ttf
Turn on the command line and go to the directory:
C:\Users\alex >cd grub-mkfont
C:\Users\alex\grub-mkfont>grub-mkfont.exe "Terminus-Bold.ttf" -o "for_ventoy.pf2" -s 8 -v
where - Terminus-Bold.ttf is the font from which to convert
-o for_ventoy.pf2 - result file.
-s 8 - font size 8
-v - provides detailed information about the conversion result: font name, height and width, number of characters

Full list of options:
-a, --force-autohint insert auto-tag
-b, --bold convert to bold
-c, --asce=NUM set ascent font elevation
-d, --desc=NUM set the font descent
-i, --index=NUM select the index of the face
-n, --name=NAME set the font family name
--no-bitmap without bitmap ignore bitmap strikes when loading ignore bitmap strikes when loading
--no-hinting disable hint disable hinting
-o, --output=FILE protect output to FILE [required]
-r, --range=FROM-TO[,FROM-TO] set font range range
-s, --size=SIZE set font size
-v, --verbose print detailed messages
-?, --help give this list of help
--usage give a short usage message
-V, --version print the version of the program

Regarding the correction of the pf2 font, see the topic "Font - Editor pf2"(

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