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Secureboot : Grub error "shim_lock protocol not found"
(06-01-2022, 02:41 AM)alive Wrote:
(06-01-2022, 01:13 AM)longpanda Wrote: VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT option has nothing to do with secure boot.
Only validly signed modules may be loaded

On an EFI-enabled x86 or arm64 machine, lockdown will be
      automatically enabled if the system boots in EFI Secure Boot

Then VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT  should be 0 not 1. Only VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT=1 will load an unsigned module, VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT=0 will do nothing.
Besides, the module loading is at when the kernel finished boot, this issue is when loading the kernel.

So it's wierd that make VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT=1 solved the issue.

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