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Secureboot : Grub error "shim_lock protocol not found"
When installing Ventoy on USB with GPT and SecureBoot, upon first boot I need to install keys, just as explained on the website.
The second boot however does start up Ventoy correctly, but when selecting SystemRescue 9.01, and Grub starts, I get the following Grub error:

shim_lock protocol not found, you need to load the kernel first

Rebooting with secure boot disabled does not give the error, and boots SystemRescue successfully.
Booting with secureboot gives a black (?) grub screen, booting without secureboot gives a green (?) grub screen.

Does anyone know a solution on how to solve this that it will work under SecureBoot?
#metoo with SystemRescue 9.02

I just found this earlier post from @ventoy:
"Ventoy use as the secure boot solution.
... You can make an issue in this project and hope the author @ValdikSS
ValdikSS can fix it."
That's very helpful indeed! I could not find anything about this, other than that Grub2 itself seemingly doesn't want to support SecureBoot. Ventoy seemed like the logical next thing to try, but doesn't work with Grub2 in a SecureBoot context. It's unclear where the issue is at, but I didn't hear anything from the Ventoy devs, it's been awkwardly silent...

Has a similar observation, with no solution.
@ValdikSS just released a new version of Super-UEFIinSecureBoot-Disk (v3-2) with updated keys for the shims 8 days ago.

@longpanda, would you please update Ventoy with this new release?

Hopefully, it will help fix the secure boot issues with Grub 2 which still exist, even in Ventoy v1.0.74 CI #776.


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