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 Secondary Boot Menu does not appear on small .img file, so Normal Boot fails

I have several 1.5 MByte .img floppy disk images. If I select one in the primary boot menu, the boot fails instead automatically using the MEMDISK mode. It only boots, if I manually use Ctrl+d before.
I'm using Ventoy 1.0.89.

Would it be possible, that the correct boot mode would be detected automatically or the Secondary Boot Menu would be shown automatically?

I'm also missing that hotkey mentioned in
Try this:
(05-10-2023, 01:52 PM)longpanda Wrote: Try this:
Much thanks. From the description it is not clear, if this also applies on .img files or only on .iso files.
I think it also works for .img file, you can try.
This works fine.

Now I'm looking for a more convenient solution:

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