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 How to add Device Drivers during Windows Setup?
So this worked for me, kind of.

I am also using the "autoinstall" plugin, and when I also choose the autoinstall template (which ALSO injects unattend.xml), the setup runs before VentoyAutoRun.bat/DriverLoader.exe have a chance to finish, so the setup reports that the drive cannot be found. If I don't use the autoinstall plugin, by the time I manually get to the screen that shows the available disks, they are present.

Any known way to get around this issue? Isn't there a location where, simply, the drivers need to be placed and will be loaded in advance of the setup without the need for DriverLoader?

(10-13-2023, 09:03 AM)kimi Wrote: Download and DriverIndexer-x64.exe
Rename DriverIndexer-x64.exe to DriverIndexer.exe and put it into WinInjection\x\Windows\system32
Put driver into WinInjection\x\drivers folder
Edit WinInjection\VentoyAutoRun.bat

@echo off
DriverIndexer.exe load-driver X:\drivers

directory structure is as follows
│  VentoyAutoRun.bat
│  └─netcard
│          xxxx.inf
│          xxxx.sys
run pack.bak to create windows_injection.7z
Set the injection file to windows_injection.7z

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