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GParted Support
Please add support for GNOME Partition Editor (GParted)

ISO does not boot properly with Ventoy 1.0.19
I will download and test it.
GParted ISO should of already been supported considering how many people use it.
AgentX, out of curiousity... how many is that?

Well... that question sounded down right snooty, sorry.  I guess what I was really getting at was that many of us use "Gparted," just not via an indigenous ISO.  I use it via "Parted Magic" all the time which has been heavily beaten on by this group to date.  I guess we just don't realize that some users use "Gparted" directly via ISO.

These are the kinds of things that @longpanda has to deal with when it comes to this product... many, many ISOs out there doing all kinds of different things.

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