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GParted Support - dimitrirodis - 08-22-2020

Please add support for GNOME Partition Editor (GParted)

ISO does not boot properly with Ventoy 1.0.19

RE: GParted Support - longpanda - 08-23-2020

I will download and test it.

RE: GParted Support - AgentX - 08-23-2020

GParted ISO should of already been supported considering how many people use it.

RE: GParted Support - FroggieTheGremlin - 08-23-2020

AgentX, out of curiousity... how many is that?

Well... that question sounded down right snooty, sorry.  I guess what I was really getting at was that many of us use "Gparted," just not via an indigenous ISO.  I use it via "Parted Magic" all the time which has been heavily beaten on by this group to date.  I guess we just don't realize that some users use "Gparted" directly via ISO.

These are the kinds of things that @longpanda has to deal with when it comes to this product... many, many ISOs out there doing all kinds of different things.