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Windows 10 Clean install - A Media driver your computer needs is missing
I just downloaded the latest 64 bit version of windows10 from May from the microsoft download site.

I check the checksum. Its good.

No problem to put in the EXFAT partition.
I boot perfectly with a computer in Legacy mode. The start of the boot is going well. But it is totally impossible to install windows because a driver is missing ...
See this picture in an old discussion
I did with the French iso then the international iso in English.

I suspect the missing driver is either the one that accesses the EXFAT partition or the FAT16 partition because when I use another build tool, the installation can be done in a completely normal fashion.

I'm going to give it a try by turning the fat16 partition into fat32.

Do you know this problem?

I saved the contents of the FAT16 partition, reformatted it to FAT32 and restored the contents. But the problem remains the same!

The error message is as follows

"No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, then click OK."

Could the cause be linked to the EXFAT partition !!!

In research,
I can view the contents of the FAT32 partition But I want to open what I believe is the EXFAT partition, I have the following message

You need to format the disk in drive O: before you can use IT!!
When you see the message, you can press  shift+F10  to lunch a cmd. 
In the cmd shell please check that:
1. If there is a  X:\Windows\System32\ventoy.log  file, and type its content
2. use diskpart to see the disk/partition/volume list and give a photo about it.

Beside, I don't think it's something about exFAT, you can reformat the 1st partition with NTFS and retry.
So i press shift +F10.
I am under X:\Sources
i use diskpart...... The photo is here [Image: 1596733170.jpg]
You can see that the EXFAT partition is not listed. The RAW partition is a partition formated EXT4

So i transform the EXFAT partition on a NTFS partition and the installation can proceed normally.

NOTA: I saw that an apple man has detected the same thing six months ago ( )
Recent news
Now that windows10 is installed on the computer, I can install another version without any difficulty with a ventoy key formatted in EXFAT and FAT16. I think he discovers the driver managing EXFAT in the windows partition which has just been installed
OK, please refer

Quote:About Part1

By default, Ventoy select exFAT filesystem for the main partition to hold iso files. exFAT has better compatibility on Windows/Linux/Mac and exFAT is suitable for USB stick.

From Ventoy-1.0.11, you can reformat the 1st partition with other filesystem, exFAT/FAT32/NTFS/UDF/XFS/Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 are supported.
It should be noted that, if you choose XFS/Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, the USB will be unavaliable on Windows and can not be used to install Windows. But if you only use Linux that will be a good choice, because XFS/Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 will have better performance in Linux.

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