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How can I use partition 3 for my iso’s
I saw some 512k Bytes thing 
where i suppose i could Find it and edit it 
to 11 maybe

But i want to know if theres an easier way before i try that

Ps: heres the reason i need that. I fix computers and 
I need a flash drive that i can copy people pictures etc 
to partition 1 (Some have win7) Then i install windows
From part3, then i install things like chrome, open office
From part1 then i backup the whole thing by booting to
Rescuezilla on part 3 and saving the backup to part 1.

I would not need 3 partitions if i could boot an iso from
partition 1 and be able to save Backups to partition 1, 
but i cant For some reason.
Maybe its already mounted by ventoy or maybe its read only?
Idk but if i could just put those iso’s on partition 3,
I can do it all
Please refer to
Yeah, Thanks. i get all that...

How can i point ventoy to get its iso’s from partition 3?

I need partition 1 For working on old machines.
Ive got modern machines I can use to copy the iso’s to 3.

I currently have an iso of freedos with ranish partition manager on it
On both partitions (1 and 3) and i boot to that and renumber 1 to 3
And 3 to 1 so i can boot my iso’s that need to save things
Then when im done i boot to that freedos and swap the
Partition number again so i can get to my stuff on any machine again

Is there a 1 i can change to a 3 somewhere during install or on the ventoy
Partition 2 ?

Is that what offset 41 is here:
Sorry, currently, Ventoy only search ISO files in Part1, it was hardcoded in the source. So ISO files in part3 can NOT be booted by Ventoy.
Ok, well thanks for what youve done. 
Its the closest thing to perfect ive found

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