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New User - I am a starting Dummy, with using powerful Ventoy
The PC is an All-in-One HP G020. The Ventoy used is recent version 15. The USB was created using Windows-Rufus and it is a MSDOS with 2 partitions. The 1st is ExFAT while the 2nd is FAT16. And, again, all ISOs are in a folder on the 1st partition...."boot-isos". Ventoy finds the ISOs contained in "boot-isos" and displays them in its opening screen for my selection.

I have had problems in Secure Boot with Ventoy, Are there instructions for entering its CER into the UEFI Post subsystem? (And yes, I know it works without doing such.)

The ISO for viewing the boot difference is FATDOG V810 ISOs, a Puppy Linux 64bit derivative. With this ISO, I observe differences in boot when booting and trying to enter its MOK into the Secure Boot UEFI. Unable to do so, it has issues booting without attempting to enter its CER. NEXT, disabling Secure Boot in UEFI, the boot behavior of the ISO is different. I am sure this can be duplicated on your end.

Also, I have tried to boot another Puppy Linux ISO; namely ScPup64 v20.06 and LxPupSC64 v20.06 ISO . These are of inportance because ALL 2020 Pups which will show up on distrowatch/sourceforge will have the same boot structure as these. Today, these 2 will not boot no matter which version of UEFI Ventoy is booted: Secure boot enabled/disabled.

Hope this info on these distros are helpful and that I am providing enough info to be helpful.
Smile Happy to learn how to ...

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