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Konboot 2.5 + "Boot from harddisk" issues

I have an issue for make KonbootCD 2.5 for windows working on all computers.

The main problem is to konboot operating broke Search and boot windows option (only hhhhh is displayed, see pic.1).
Also the boot from harddrive 1 2 3 ... doesn't work on all pc.

For example on my old intel laptop:

Boot from harddisk 1: got a - flashing
Boot from harddisk 2: no loader
Boot from harddisk 3: error: hd2 cannot get C/H/S valuas.
                                  error: you need to lad the kernet first.

I think the problem is to any "Boot from harddisk" options can't find the windows installation if we got few partitions at the left before the windows partition (see pic.2).

So it became impossible to boot to windows without restarting the computer (Restarting it remove the Konboot modification).

But we can bypassing this issue in the previously version by following this tips:

- Boot the Konboot iso while using the memdisk option
- Boot a windows iso file and don't press any buton while the message "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD..." appeair.
After that Konboot can work on any windows computers with ventoy !

The new feature on 1.0.14: Auto skip Press any key to boot from CD or DVD... make this tips impossible to do now.

Can you make an option or add-on script for chose to not auto skip this prompt from a selected windows iso? Or to disable this feature.
Then, can you try to make "Boot from harddisk" working in the case of there are left partitions before the windows installation ?

Tested in an old intel laptop (BIOS: Can't find windows with any of localboot option after start Konboot), Intel Z97 desktop (BIOS: konboot give BSOD after load session even with another USB booting soft) and a virtualbox vm which have a windows virtualdisk(work great).

Thank's in advance

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    "control": [
        { "VTOY_WINDOWS_CD_PROMPT": "1" }

This is the option, I haven't had time to update the website.

"0":  means auto skip the "Press any key ..."
"1":  means keep the "Press any key ...."

default is "0"
I have add this code on my ventoy.json but my Windows 7, 8.1, 10 iso still auto play.

Under Debug => Check global control plugin configuration, I can see :
(See pic.1).

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Do you see the "Press any key to boot from CD/DVD ...." message?

It should be noted that, this prompt message will be shown only if there is exist OS in your local HDD.
The boot loader in Windows ISO detect that you have another OS in your local HDD, then it will show this message.
If you don't have local disk or there is NO OS installed in your local disk, this message will not be displayed at all.

You can test in UEFI mode. In UEFI mode, although Ventoy will auto skip the prompt, but you still can see "Press any key to boot from CD/DVD ...." on the screen.
You are right, I only tested this new code on virtualbox vm without the windows installation.
On my old laptop, it work ! The message is displaying and I can use Konboot with my tips again on 1.0.14.

Thank's a lot Smile

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