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 Unable to autostart with -R
I have been using iventoy for some time inside a proxmox container (ubuntu) and it works great ! But I can't seem to autorun the service..
I made a script to start iventoy when the container is turned on with the command "sudo bash -R -A start"

Iventoy starts, but the service does not. I always have to go to <ip>:26000 and click on the green button.
I also tried using curl on <ip>:26000/#vtoy_main but it doesn't do trick.

Why doesn't the -R option work ? Is there a way around it ?
Any input is appreciated  Big Grin
bash -R start works for me on AlmaLinux 9.3.

You can also run iVentoy as a service. Here are two examples:

I haven't tried the example posted on the second page but I know the other one works if you replace with

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