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 WinPE HttpDisk Mount Issue
Unsure if this may be a possible bug, but I seem to have an issue when trying to mount an ISO file using the auto injected VTOYMNT.BAT script that calls HttpDisk.

I am using Hirens Boot CD PE as an example here. The programs for this live in the root of the ISO file, so unless mounted, you cannot use them. 

As per the documentation on the iVentoy WinPE page, if I try calling "X:\VTOYMNT.BAT Y", I'm greeted with the error message "HttpDisk: Incorrect function".

Checking the built in help of HttpDisk it looks like using "/mount 0" is for .IMG files and "/mount 1" is for .ISO files. After checking the VTOYMNT.BAT file, it indeed uses "/mount 0" by default. If I edit this file, change to "/mount 1" and call "X:\VTOYMNT.BAT Y" again, the ISO file is successfully mounted and I can browse to the Y: drive.

I have attached an image to help explain the process.

Again, I'm unsure if this is a bug that can be fixed in a new release or if I'm missing something obvious, but it may help someone else out.

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