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 Bad ISO file crashes Iventoy (and strange bug with logs)
I have an issue that i've documented here:

In escense, there is an issue with iventoy logs when used within a docker container when the logs are mapped to persistant storage outside of the container.

When iVentoy senses an error (Like an ISO is copied to the ISO folder and iventoy dosnt like the ISO) The software crashes within the container and creates an infinite loop cycle of complaining about not being able to find certain log file names that it expects to find.) 

To fix the issue, i have to remove the problematic ISO file from the ISO foler, and then delete or rename the log.txt file and restart. Then iventoy starts again.

It seems that iventoy is referencing individual log file names in its own log output but the log file being created by the container on the persistant storage is being saved as a single file and saved as log.txt.

I understand that this may not be an official way of using iventoy (in a container), but theres no reason i can think of why iventoy shouldnt work where other applications ( etc) work seemlessly.

See the link at the top of the post for a few log screenshots and more detail.

Any advice on mapping the logs externally would be great, a external mapping dosn't seem to cut it...

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