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 rear / clonezilla ISO not recovering using iventoy
Hi =)

i have 2 servers:
1. PXE server using iVentoy
2. testing server
i've taken two backups of the second server using REAR (Relax and Recover) and CloneZilla - both are in ISO format, with standalone unattended restore capability

now here's my problem:
when i mount the ISO (either one) directly through IPMI the ISO works fine and the system is restored (unattended)
when i boot the testing server using PXE to iVentoy environment and choose the ISO (either one) from the iVentoy list - the ISO initially loads but fails to run, system reports it can't find the restore files as if the ISO is not mounted at all

in clonezilla case - it fails in the part where it's trying to load squashfs
in rear case - it fails to find the restore data

should it technically work? or am i missing something?
let me know if you require any more info,

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