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 iVentoy on ARM32

First of all, I want to thank you for a great project!

In my network, I use a small server based on a former TV set-top box, which is built on ARM (armv7l), it runs a small armbian distribution based on Debian. And I faced a problem - I can't run iVentoy directly on this system - because the binaries are only for x86 and x86_64 architecture. I even managed to start iVentoy with "qemu-user-static" emulation, but in iVentoy settings (Boot Information - IP Configuration) Select Server IP = and "NIC Name" - not defined. Apparently there are some limitations of QEMU emulation regarding the network subsystem. Therefore, starting the PXE Service is not possible.

So, I want to ask if you plan to create binaries for the ARM 32 architecture?
Only x86 arch will be supported.

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