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I am trying to use the DHCP server in "internal" mode. The PXE boot works fine, but no IP lease is given to the deployed OS. Is this behaviour by design (DHCP only serves PXE requests?) or do I miss something?
1. Which ISO did you test?
2. Please give some photos about how you see that no IP lease is given to the deployed OS and how it should be.
Make sure that there isn't another DHCP server in the network
The tests are running on VMs with a dedicated vSwitch. 3 VMs: Ubuntu with iVentoy, Windows 10 Admin PC, empty VM to deploy Windows 11. No other DHCP servers connected to the vSwitch.

What I can reproduce here is:
- a fresh PXE deployed Windows 11 VM, IP successfully assigned
- ipconfig /release && ipconfig /renew: successful, still same IP assigned
- stop and start the iVentoy services via button in web interface
- ipconfig /release && ipconfig /renew: no more IP assignment, falling back to APIPA; log/log.txt doesn’t even show a DHCP request
- restart Windows 11 VM, then ipconfig: still the same, only APIPA
- restart Windows 11 VM, boot into PXE menu (log.txt shows DHCP request and IP assignment)
- cancel PXE menu / reboot to Windows 11 VM: log shows DHCP request of the OS, IP successfully assigned
Sum up: It seems the DHCP service only answers DHCP requests to the Win11 when a lease is already known by the former PXE request. No response to "old" clients which did not invoke the PXE after the last iVentoy service start.

EDIT: I made a tshark capture on the iVentoy mashine, filtered by dhcp.
~4.25 sec: successfull release and renew in Windows
~20 sec: restart of the iVentoy service
~31.8 sec: failing renew after release in Windows
>67 sec: rebooting once into PXE, releases are working again

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