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 Why VentoyPlugson opens link in non-default browser
New user here, so i may be unaware of how this forum works.
I was wondering if anyone knows of any possible reason why VentoyPlugson would open a non-default browser? My current default browser is Brave but when i click "Start", it opens Firefox instead. Clicking "Link" does the same thing. But on Ventoy2Disk.exe, opening links opens in Brave. Im on version 1.0.94.
Because I only test the WebUI in google chrome browser, with other browser the WEBGUI may have problem to display the page, or may not, I can not confirm because I didn't test.
So when you open VentoyPlugson it will firstly try to use google chrome.
You can start VentoyPlugson.exe /F
with /F option it wil use the default browser.

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