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Solved EFI not work with external DHCP on other subnet

On the same network iventoy works fine (bios & uefi), but on other subnet bios work but not uefi.
I tried with latest release (1.0.14)

thanks for your work Smile

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Try latest 1.0.16 with DHCP ExternalNet Mode.
Before that please refer this for details: 
it still doesn't work, it reacts better than before

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Which version did you test? Windows or Linux ?
I test with both Windows and Linux version with ExternalNet mode, both works fine.
Did you download and decompress the iVentoy-1.0.16 freshly and test?
Did you try to update from and old version to 1.0.16 by file overite?
I test linux version

It's ok, it work
I had rewritten instead of completely remove file

Thank you for your responsiveness Big Grin
OK. Good news!

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