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 Is it possible to chainload from PXE to iSCSI

I've never really used any kind of netboot before, but I'm interested in this as a frequent ventoy homelab user.

Basically my goal is to netboot into a read/write OS stored on NAS.
From what I gather this tool only boots into iso files.
Is it possible to boot into a rw raw or qcow img?
If not, is it possible to boot into an EFI or ISO that acts as an iSCSI initiatior for a RW disk/zvol on NAS?

Also, is it possible (or are there plans) to allow a persistance volume like ventoy has for iso files?
The webpage says:

Quote:With iVentoy you can boot and install OS on multiple machines at the same time through the network.
使用iVentoy 你可以通过网络同时给多台机器启动、安装操作系统。

Is iVentoy currently limited to booting installation / live ISOs?

Is there any plan to support iSCSI target boot? (e.g. booting multiple PCs from a single operating system image that is stored in the server)

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