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 Big upgrade of "VentoyPlugson"(add new parameters and Russian language)
Big upgrade of "VentoyPlugson"(add parameters and Russian language)

    Added Russian language to the program "VentoyPlugson" and a bunch of additional parameters:

    This version contains additional plugins and parameters  supported only in modified versions of mod_Ventoy from al_dens. and marked as mod_Ventoy:

      Added parameters to the "Theme Plugin"(portrait orientation support):
  -- mode_rotate_text —— аctivation of pseudo-rotation by 90 degrees.
  -- text_direction_start —— set text direction.
  -- theme_rotate90 —— set path to theme file, for portrait mode.
  -- font_rotate90 —— setting fonts for the vertical theme.

      Added parameters to the "Menu Tip Plugin" (in mod_Ventoy, the "tips/label" components can be set not with single-line labels, but with multi-line messages up to 4000 characters long):
  -- width —— The width of the displayed tooltip in percent.
  -- align —— Align text to the "left", "right", or "center".
  -- the maximum length of "Menu Tip Plugin" has been changed. The forced line break is set by a tilde "~"

      Added the "Menu Multi themes Plugin" with parameters:
  -- theme_FileManagerVentoy —— set theme for VentoyBrowser.
  -- theme_ExternalMenu —— set custom menu theme grub.
  -- List theme dir —— setting an individual theme for any directory.
  -- message_for_font —— label displayed when previewing a font (in mod_Ventoy, the pf2 font is viewed, with the display of its name).
  -- message_user —— user-defined label.

      Also in the "Theme Plugin" the way of setting the "gfxmode" parameter has been changed to fully comply with the grub documentation.

      More details in the "HELP" section or in the files "Отличие_от_оригинальной_версии.txt", "与原始版本的差异.txt" or "Difference_from_the_original_version.txt".

        download:   link  ,   ventoy-mod_1.0.91-linux.tar.gz   link
Too awesome
Hi, could you, please, make a short videoon what are the possible adjustments and what does it bring?
Detailed description in the section help(plugson).
video by link.
pdf file in Russian, but a lot of pictures.
I try this update of plug son, now I can set directory theme,
but there is delay with changing theme.
also with this Ventoy version, Ventoy folder is Show in boot list. to minimize delay with theme directory changing and prevent Ventoy directory from boot list. to list directories by own order  not alphapatic 
thank you very much.
1. The delay depends on the size of the background file (try about 500kB. On my 7-year-old computer, it takes 0.3 seconds live and 1 second when emulating via Qemu) and a number of image files ( *.iso...). Regarding the display of the ventoy directory, configure the "VTOY_DEFAULT_SEARCH_ROOT" parameter correctly.

2. Read the WhiteList("image_list") documentation.

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