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 Ventoy Command Line Installer
[Image: 212537272-59ca579f-bc1e-4a2d-922e-cf16eb1c268d.png]

With this script, you can easily install Ventoy on your USB/HDD disks from the command interface.

1-2 clicks are enough to install on USB/HDD disks.


Any disk operation has certain risks. The script tries to keep existing data safe by notifying the user, but for very important data a backup is highly recommended first.

If you will not install with the non-destructive installation option via Ventoy in the first installation, your USB/HDD disk will be completely formatted. Take your precautions for data loss.

The script file is compatible with Ventoy v1.0.88 and later.

You can use the script file by copying it into the ventoy-xxx folder.

All options in the installation via Ventoy GUI are also supported by the script file.

Github Link: 
Ventoy Command Line Installer

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