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Solved VenToy boot partion + win10 install
(12-27-2022, 11:17 AM)longpanda Wrote: Try this:
1. Run sudo efibootmgr -B 0000
2. Don't rename EFI directory name, just rename the sub-directory EFI/BOOT  to  EFI/VTBOOT.
This time check whether you can boot into Ventoy.
First command gives "You must specify an entry to delete (see the -b option)."

If I use the lower case B then I get the list - the upper case B give the above output.

If I do sudo efibootmgr -b 0000 -B then it's deleted from the boot order and boot list.

I can boot to Ventoy - but can't boot to local windows partition, as it can't find the directory - BUT IF I can rename the VTBoot directory back to Boot, and then reboot - then I can get in VenToy and also boot local windows.

So the sudo efibootmgr -b 0000 -B command did the trick.

Don't know how to implement that for others, but right now it works for me :-)


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