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Windows 10 legacy mode setup problem
In the immediate future, you should defragment the iso file as recommended by Steve2926, because as you describe, installing your windows iso in legacy mode when loading the iso from ventoy mode often succeeds.
As I stated the workaround earlier, you can either download the standard windows iso from Microsoft and replace install.wim/install.esd of the Microsoft iso with your install.esd or replace your boot.wim with boot. wim from Microsoft, should solve the problem.
Note : Need to back up a copy of your windows iso before doing so.
the only way to get legacy mode for windows 7 or windows 10 to work is to make sure

step 1:

A) the drive you want to install to is in msdos/MBR mode with " boot flag " enabled and ALL GPT drives unplugged.


B) all drives on the system is formatted to msdos/MBR mode with at least 1 drive having the "boot  flag " enabled.

if you want to check this, then you can either use the command prompt in advanced mode on the windows iso


step 2:

add a linux mint 20-20.3 or LMDE5 to your ventoy stick
(Linux Mint 21 does not play nice with ventoy )

if you use linux mint you boot the live iso and search for a program called Gparted.

in Gparted on the right hand side you make sure the correct disk you want to format is selected. ( remember formatting / changing partition table types ) wipes all previous files on the drive
- under the " view " menu option you click on device information and it will tell you what type of format the drive is in either msdos/MBR or GPT
- under the " device " menu option you can create new partition table.

once that is sorted REMEMBER to right click "manage flags " click on boot option to make your msdos/MBR drive bootable.

and go back to step 1 A or B

please be aware that some newer hardware (especially laptops ) have a fake or emulated legacy MBR mode..
I never had the same situation as you, windows iso always loaded ok.

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