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Secureboot : Grub error "shim_lock protocol not found"
When installing Ventoy on USB with GPT and SecureBoot, upon first boot I need to install keys, just as explained on the website.
The second boot however does start up Ventoy correctly, but when selecting SystemRescue 9.01, and Grub starts, I get the following Grub error:

shim_lock protocol not found, you need to load the kernel first

Rebooting with secure boot disabled does not give the error, and boots SystemRescue successfully.
Booting with secureboot gives a black (?) grub screen, booting without secureboot gives a green (?) grub screen.

Does anyone know a solution on how to solve this that it will work under SecureBoot?

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Secureboot : Grub error "shim_lock protocol not found" - by vernetroyer - 04-08-2022, 06:10 AM

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