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Is it possible to use XML files with Windows ISO files on another disk
VentoyVlnk supports .dat  but no mention is made of XML files.
Is it possible to have the Window ISO on a different partition (e.g. Ventoy USB partition 3) and also specfify XML files?
All the plugins (include auto install plugin) can be used for vlnk file.
So you can specify a xml file  to a vlnk file.
The xml file and the vlnk file must be in the Ventoy USB partition 1. 
The ISO file corresponding to the vlnk file can be in local disk or in partition 3/4/5.... of Ventoy USB stick.
So as to injection file/boot conf replace file/dud file
VentoyVlnk.exe is not listing XML files...?
XML files can not create vlnk files.
XML files must be put in Ventoy partition 1. XML files can not be put in local disk or other partition of Ventoy USB disk.
So there is no need to create vlnk files for XML files.
For Ventoy, only ISO/IMG/EFI/VHD(X)/VTOY files can be put in local disk or other partitions of Ventoy USB disk.
All other files related to plugins (e.g. auto install XML files/kisckstart script files/injections files/..... ) must be put in Ventoy partition 1.
OK - that is not very clear because you say

Quote:Attention: The iso file and the dat file must be in the same side. That is to say:
.iso can only be used with .dat, similarly .vlnk.iso can only be used with .vlnk.dat.

So I thought it was possible as long as use vlnk.xml, etc.

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