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Design ventoy mod_ventoy 1.0.70
1. Added the plugin "menu_mytheme". Now you can set any directory (the "dir" key) your theme (the "mytheme" key).
I have all the themes in one folder - "/ventoy/theme", but you can place them wherever you want.
Themes have also been added for: Vento Menu Extension Plugin(press F6) and Browse Ventoy Disk (press F2).
These are the keys "theme_ExternalMenu" and "theme_FileManagerVentoy" respectively.
Plugin example:
"menu_mytheme": {
        "theme_FileManagerVentoy": "/ventoy/theme/themeFM.txt",
        "theme_ExternalMenu": "/ventoy/theme/themeext.txt",
        "through_inscription": "март 2022г",
        "hotkey_tip": "h:справка  F1:Memdisk  F2:Power  F3:ListView  F4:Localboot  F5:Tools  F6:загрузка-Kubuntu  F7:графика/текст",
        "mythemes":    [
                "dir": "/ISO/Antivirus",
                "mytheme": "/ventoy/theme/themeantivirus.txt"
                "dir": "/ISO/linux",
                "mytheme": "/ventoy/theme/themelinux.txt"
                "dir": "/ISO/sistem utilit",
                "mytheme": "/ventoy/theme/themeremont.txt"
                "dir": "/ISO/multiboot",
                "mytheme": "/ventoy/theme/themeboot.txt"
                "dir": "/ISO/Install windows",
                "mytheme": "/ventoy/theme/themewindows.txt"


  2. I added a label "through_inscription", which can be added to each topic so that there is the same
inscription on all topics - I have this date of editing the ventoy flash drive. To do this, add in the themes:
+ hbox{
    left = 80%
    top = 95%
    width = 10%
    height = 25
    + label {text = "@VTOY_THROUGH_INSCRIPTION@" color = "#33ff00" align = "left"}

    3. Added the ability to change the label "@VTOY_HOTKEY_TIP@", via the key "hotkey_tip". For example, to
translate it into a local language.

In order for the "menu_mytheme" plugin to work, you need to add the "VTOY_MENU_THEME" key with
the value "1" to the "Ventoy Global Control Plugin":
    "control": [
        { "VTOY_MENU_THEME": "1" },

The main menu theme is set as before in the "Ventoy Theme Plugin":
      "theme": {
        "file": "/ventoy/theme/theme.txt",
        "gfxmode": "1024x768x32",

The rest of the changes are not in the "menu_mytheme" plugin.

  4. If you put the file "help.txt " on the path "/ventoy/help.txt ". Then by pressing the F6 button,
not the internal help will be displayed, but the contents of this file. So you can write a help
in the local language. The encoding of the UTF-8 file.
In the editor:    
in the ventoy:    
  5. Added support for text files - *.txt. It is convenient in the catalog with iso, img images... place
a text file description. The encoding of the UTF-8 file.
  6. I returned the old purpose to the F2 button - the "Power" menu. And the "Browse Ventoy Disk" mode
was added to the top item of the main menu. The file name for the icon is "iconFM.png".

The video of the work can be viewed in the topic: Design ventoy

You can download the modified files from the following links:

Example of the file "ventoy.json" on the path "ventoy-1.0.70/plugin/ventoy/ventoy.json".
The sad thing is...

I want the output to be like the existing ventoy version.

It works fine.
Can't the ventoy version display be the same as before?
If you mean that I slightly changed the inscription ventoy - so it does not affect the performance.
More importantly, in the "Inventory Menu Tip Plugin" (at the moment), the keys "left", "top" and "color" are set for all "tips" at the same time.
Therefore, using both "dark" and "light" themes, some "tips" will look ugly. That's also why I added support for "txt" files.

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