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Emergency Boot Kit ISO not working
(08-30-2021, 10:11 AM)Steve2926 Wrote:

Download .exe and extract .iso file using 7Zip - Open inside #.

The 2.ISO boots OK using Easy2Boot legacy grub4dos and grubfm/agFM (Legacy partnew option and UEFI64), 

On Legacy and UEFI64 with Ventoy, I get the error

62089216 62089608 392
The size of the iso file "62089608" is invalid. File corrupted ?

What is the exactly size of the 2.iso?  62089608 ?
This is a simple precheck in the grub.cfg script. 

According to the specifications of the ISO9660(ECMA119), an ISO file size must be multiple of 2048.
If the 2.iso file size is NOT multiple of 2048, it's invalid. Maybe it can work, but it doesn't meet the

If the .exe always extract an iso file with size not multiple of 2048, then the .exe should do some change to meet the specification.

You can also use some other tool (e.g. UltraISO) to edit the ISO file to make an new/valid iso file.

Some user get a corrupted ISO file during copy, and run into problem when boot with Ventoy. So I add this simple check.

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