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Higher resolution on ISO's
(05-28-2022, 08:34 AM)Steve2926 Wrote: Try F7 and ctrl+w?
Yes Steve2926 - tried both F& and control + W

Beginning to think its something to do ventoy compatibility with my laptop hardware but then i wonder how it boots with no resolution problems with AIO boot which is a cybergeneration prior to Ventoy?
Weird and very perplexing
yes, I'm getting the same behavior with several WinPE based ISOs (Linux is ok), on several different systems. Resolution is crappy, even when booting on my Z690 Board with wqhd display. Was using AIOBoot before and it hasn't been an issue there, but that's apparently not developed anymore and I like the simplicity of ventoy more. Booting Sergei Strelec using the enclosed USB installer also results in a good resolution, when booting it using ventoy the resolution is bad. I hope this will get fixed at some point in the future, because otherwise I very much like ventoy so far.

EDIT: digged a little deeper and found out that this problem exists for almost a year or longer, there's some kind of fix here which I didn't try yet:

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