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Higher resolution on ISO's - vmclark - 08-16-2021

Running MacriumRescue.iso on ventoy, the resolution is lower and some of the buttons can't be seen even if I try and move using the mouse.

If I install MacriumRescue.iso on a USB flash drive the resolution is much higher.

Is there a way to do this with ventoy. jason perhaps?

Not only macrium, but other ISO's also, such as Windows install ISO.

RE: Higher resolution on ISO's - longpanda - 08-17-2021

Is the resolution OK if you change to TEXT mode before boot the ISO file ?
Or refer:
It is for fuzzy screen, but may be also helpful for resolution .

RE: Higher resolution on ISO's - vmclark - 08-18-2021

I tried both, F7 -> text, F5 -> tools -> resolution = the highest possible.
This isn't just Macrium, but all ISO's. Not sure what the difference between booting using USB flash and Ventoy.
I know the architecture is different between the two. USB flash has the efi and all the root folder placed on the root of the USB flash.
Not sure what happens once Ventoy opens the ISO. If at that point Ventoy could alter resolution would be nice.