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failed to initialize a USB flash drive
what kind of USB flash drive cannot be made into a startup drive? I've ever succeeded to make one before, but failed last night with another new flash drive.
A fake one? Test using FakeFlashTest.exe.
Or describe accurately the error messages you get and how you make create the Ventoy drive.
thank you for your response.
the progress status shows 100%, but an error message popup which says "An error occurred during the installation. you can rep-lug the USB and try again. check log.txt for detail."
I'm trying to deploy ventoy on the very USB flash with ventoy-livecd.iso next.

hereafter some information including the word fail in the log.txt are listed. for more information, see log file attached please. 

[2021/07/22 14:29:18.719] DeviceIoControl IOCTL_VOLUME_GET_VOLUME_DISK_EXTENTS failed \\.\D:, error:1
[2021/07/22 14:29:46.371] FormatPart2Fat failed.
[2021/07/22 14:29:46.371]FindProcessOccupyDisk for PhyDrive 1

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