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[SOLVED] Ventoy 1.0.44 no initial boot
(05-30-2021, 01:11 PM)Midas Wrote:
Build-0-Matic Wrote:
agnivo007 Wrote:Welcome! I have sort of a nitpicky attitude towards keeping stuff updated, hence a peek at the latest available BIOS for your system.

I was a bit like that before, that is until I somehow did a bad flash that bricked a nice router. Lucky for me it was not a big loss, but it still annoyed me to no end.

Same here, until I started using Windows 10 VHDs that try as I might -- and believe me I did try everything -- wouldn't get updated... So I just gave up.

FYI, previously I had little trouble updating Windows 7 VHDs.
Sometimes, there's stuff like that that seems to be engineered to cause headaches and aggravation...
Why can't they get things right first time like in the early days of computers when updates were essentially nonexistent?

Just like the other day. I spent a whole 2 hours trying to copy files from my Linux box to my Windows box. I gave up and just used a USB stick and the old sneakernet protocol. A few hours later, I was watching Adrian's Digital Basement on Youtube and he was showing seamless copying of files between two 1984 Macs... Confused

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