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[SOLVED] Ventoy 1.0.44 no initial boot
I'm having a weird issue with Ventoy on just one computer and it's puzzling me.
I have a USB stick with version 1.0.44 installed on it. When I use it on several computers, it works just fine.
But when I plug it into my main machine, I don't even get the "vtloading... " prompt. I just get a blinking cursor and that's it.

I tried it on an old Intel Atom netbook and it works no problem. I tried it on a newer AMD Vision powered laptop, no problem there either.

I know the computer on which Ventoy fails to boot will successfully run YUMI and any other GRUB2 based versions of Linux without any issue.

I tried putting Ventoy in Secure Boot mode. I tried changing the boot partition from MBR to GPT. And so far all I get is the blinking cursor and a machine that only reacts to CTRL-ALT-DELETE.

I really like using Ventoy and would like to get it working on that machine too.

Anybody has any hint of what I could do to get it working?

The system that gives me problems is running an Intel Core-2 Duo E8400 on an HP 3048h motherboard. The bios is from HP and dated 2009. When I run HWINFO, it tells me that it's a non-UEFI bios.


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