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Run vdi from grub 2 with vdiskchain
Hi all speaking from Italy ,

I did a vdi disk and install an virtualbox arch distribution ( endevarous Apollo ) , follow the documentation I installed vtoy2boot , then using vdiskchain I was able to boot my .vdi disk virtualbox from grub2 of my desktop pc for two months.

Now  , after an arch update/upgrade , I'm non able again to run my vdi disk from grub but only using virtualbox from my ubuntu linux system.

If I try to run .vdi from grub2 i have a message like :

Not bootfile found for UEFI !

Maybe the image does not support 64 bit UEFI

(see picture attached)

Note if I use other .vdi file in my hard disk , I'm able to boot from grub2

i googled around but I never found an error like this for ventoy/grub2

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Tam znajdziesz odpowiedź
Hi zeit,

Yes I followed the guide that you mentioned, as I wrote in my previous post , the .vdi.vtoy file runned from grub2 , worked without problems for some months....but from some week I had this problem. I repeat : the VM runned in Virtualbox with linux as host , works perfectly .
Note that I used vtoy2boot and vdiskchain that are not modified/changed since some month , so in my opinion something change in the arch linux distro itself , but I'm not so experienced to find the bug Sad or the workaround


I found this guide/hints..... Wink
The ventoy page says that you cannot update the kernel

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(10-11-2022, 01:31 PM)Steve2926 Wrote: The ventoy page says that you cannot update the kernel

yes , i think the issue comes from this feature, anyway I did an update ( so I have 5.19 linux kernel ) in the Arch OS in VM but also an update/refresh of ventoyboot procedure and I have not error reported, vdiskchain is not updated since July 2021  Sad

Another doubt is about the filesystem used in the Arch OS that is btrfs, normally it is not so 'standard' in the driver loaded at boot  Cool

The only test that remain is to build up a new Arch VM like the faulty one , and to reproduce the bug , so I will send the evidence to developers

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