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auto_install grub entries
New to Ventoy and already a fan.  The part that pulled me to Ventoy over anything else, including hardware based ISO emulators, was the auto_install plugin, essentially raising Ventoy above simple ISO booting to a full fledged kickstart.  A a question on auto_install, however: once I configure a auto_install entry does that create a unique grub entry or does it mean that every time I attempt to boot the ISO configured it always uses the kickstart script?
It’s an « always on ». Every time you will boot this ISO the kickstart will be used.

That’s something I wanted to ask : will there be a way to choose to use the kickstart or not directly from grub ? Or maybe duplicate the ISO in the list, to choose a boot without the kickstart ?
In the next release, there will be a prompt for the iso with auto installation config, you can choose whether to use the auto installation script this time.
This is perfect Smile your tool is really cool, thank you for the quality work !
(05-28-2020, 06:27 AM)Matlox Wrote: This is perfect Smile your tool is really cool, thank you for the quality work !

Ventoy-1.0.12 has been released, you can make a try.
wow you’re awesome Smile

Unfortunately I just tested and it don’t work. I have an error juste before the start of grub, but it passes to fast and I can’t read it.

Then when I select an iso with an auto_install file it don’t ask me anything...
If the prompt doesn't show, maybe there is some mistake in the json config.
You can press c to enter grub shell and run vt_dump_auto_install
I just did and nothing happened. How can i see the full log ?
You can give you ventoy.json here.
well ok, it was a missing comma  Undecided

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