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This is not a standard device and is not officially supported
Hi there.

Necessary conditions for Ventoy to work normally are (as stated at /topic/22277-ventoy-open-source-usb-boot-utility-for-both-bios-and-uefi/page-12#entry216140 and also at

longpanda Wrote:1. There must be partition 1 and partition 2
2. ISO/WIM/VHD/IMG/EFI files must in partition1
3. Partition1's filesystem must FAT/exFAT/NTFS/UFS/XFS/Ext234
4. Partition1's cluster size must >= 2048
5. Partition2 must in FAT file system and hold all the Ventoy's directories and files as installed with Ventoy2Disk

So, I took the time to thoroughly check my setup (see previous post) and confirmed that it abides all of them; I don't understand then why I'm getting the warning.

[Image: sda1.png]

There are just two minor differences from a standard Ventoy installation: partition 2 has been doubled for future proofing and there's an extra ext4 partition at '/dev/sda3' -- an addition allowed by the official documentation.

Quote:You can create Part3 and Part4 with the reserved space and use them as you want.


Please enlighten me if you can -- or at least give me a hint on how to disable (or reduce) the ten second delay... Huh

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