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 Computers are not loading bootfile from iVentoy

I am trying to setup iVentoy for our production and I am having issues with the software. The main issue is that I cannot get any computers on the same VLAN as iVentoy to load the bootfile. We are running iVentoy in "External Mode" as we are using our router as the DHCP provider. We do not see iVentoy snooping any DHCP packets. 

We use TP-Link Omada for our network infrastructure (similar to Ubiquiti). I have attached a picture showing how our VLAN and DHCP settings in the router are configured for iVentoy. 

We have been PXE booting for a while now on our network. We know that our current configuration works with Windows Deployment Services (WDS) and also a program similar to iVentoy called Serva. We are looking to try out iVentoy but have run into this problem and need help. We of course disabled our WDS and Serva programs prior to using iVentoy so as to not cause any conflicting errors. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Computers are not loading bootfile from iVentoy - by ATechPCS - 04-01-2024, 10:16 PM

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