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 Can Ventoy be deployed to a VHD(x)?
(03-24-2024, 09:21 AM)click-click Wrote:
(03-23-2024, 03:37 PM)luskl Wrote: Sure, it is possible to install in vhd. But as for me I was able to use it in VirtualBox
Quote:I have a boot-able HDD partition with a BCD to boot WinPE wim files and other Windows VHDs. I would like to add Ventoy as another VHD in that partition, but I'm not sure if the BCD can be configured to work for that. Is what I have in mind even possible?
Okay. But when booting Ventoy from VHD, Ventoy won't mount iso. This will lead to booting linux iso, unix iso, bsd iso,... will fail.

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