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 VENTOYEFI partition is not visible.
(11-19-2023, 10:06 AM)Steve2926 Wrote: Windows may or may not assign a volume letter to a partition. Since the EFI partition is usually hidden, Windows has probably not assigned it a drive letter. This is normal for a full Windows OS, but it depends on the Windows Registry. If previously, you (or some software) has assigned a volume letter to that particular USB device in the past, then Windows may assign a volume letter to it even if the disk is wiped and reformatted.
So if you really want to see that partition, just go into Windows Disk Manager and assign it a volume letter if Windows has not assigned one.

Thanks for the info - most helpful. Makes sense - now.

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RE: VENTOYEFI partition is not visible. - by Epictetus - 11-19-2023, 11:41 AM

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