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 Windows & UEFI Boot Issue
I seem to be having a strange issue when booting iVentoy using UEFI mode. I'm unsure if it a bug or if I'm missing something but for example when booting a stock Windows image using iVentoy in UEFI, I end up with a garbled image.

I have tested this on multiple physical machines and also using Virtual box. Unsure if it's related or not but when booting the same image in UEFI mode using Ventoy (USB version) everything works fine. When testing on Virutalbox in UEFI mode it hangs at the message "Preparing for boot, please wait..." and then eventually restarts.

My iVentoy server is running as a Proxmox virtual machine (Debian 12) in a different VLAN than my PXE clients. I am using iVentoy in the "ExternalNet" mode with OPNSense being my DHCP server (I have network booting enabled & allowed through Firewall), but I have also tried changing this to "External" and even using the built in DHCP server on the same subnet. I also tried the Windows version of iVentoy but all yield the same garbled image.

Interestingly booting a Linux based ISO in UEFI mode seems to work ok (I tried GParted).

I can reach the iVentoy menu fine, but when I select an image I get the garbled image.

I have attached some images to help explain things, although I can only attach 5...
  • Image 1 - UEFI Windows boot using Ventoy USB version (Works)
  • Image 2 - UEFI iVentoy boot (Can access menu fine)
  • Image 3 - UEFI Windows boot using iVentoy (Garbled image)
  • Image 4 - UEFI Windows boot using iVentoy with Virtualbox (Hangs at message screen, then restarts)
  • Image 5 - UEFI Linux boot using iVentoy (Seems to work fine)
  • BIOS Windows boot using iVentoy (Works)
  • OPNSense DHCP network booting options (Next server = iVentoy IP address, BIOS image name = iventoy_loader_16000_bios, UEFI image name = iventoy_loader_16000_uefi)
Hopefully someone can help with this issue.
Many thanks.

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