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Ventoy Persistence has become discouraging. What have I done wrong.?
ok when ventoy formats usb stick ; the usb when mounted will display the label "ventoy"

this caused some confusion for me. Have a look at me tree of usb:

├── ISO
│   └── linuxmint-19-cinnamon-32bit.iso
├── persistence.img
└── ventoy
└── ventoy.json

Top of tree is "ventoy" which is label for formatted usb stick.

I then have a directory called "ISO" in which i have mint 19 32 bit iso

For the persistence.img i just dragged it stright onto stick.

But look NEXT i have a directory called "ventoy" inside the usb stick called Ventoy and in that directory
I have my ventoy.json

By the way i booted up Mint 32 bit on my 64 bit laptop; i installed "medit" after connecting to wifi.

I shut down and then cold booted up. medit was there are wifi connected automatically - i.e persistence worked

So create a directory called "ventoy" and put ventoy.json in it and see if that fixes the problem,
Quick note to say that my experience with adding persistence in Ventoy has been rather hit or miss, mostly on account of finicky JSON editing. Huh

Also, I've had some luck by testing online with

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