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 Can't do non-destructive install - Part #1 starts at 2MB instead of 1MB?
So I have 2MB free space at the start of the drive (/dev/sda) and Ventoy refuses to attempt non-destructive install due to there not being 1MB space before the partition start (but there is 2MB space, so that should be more than adequate).

In GParted, I can't move the partition 1MB over -- if I do, it moves it all the way over, even though I specify to leave 1MB at the beginning. It does this no matter what I specifiy for alignment (None, MiB, cylinder).

      Ventoy: 1.0.97  x86_64

Disk : /dev/sda
Model: ATA Samsung SSD 860 (scsi)
Size : 931 GB
Style: GPT

Ventoy will try non-destructive installation on /dev/sda if possible.

Continue? (y/n) y
/dev/sda1 is 529MB
check partition layout ...
GPT Part1 StartLBA:4096 LastLBA:1087487
GPT Part2 StartLBA:1323008 LastLBA:1758173183
GPT Part3 StartLBA:1919184896 LastLBA:1953523711
GPT Part4 StartLBA:1852010496 LastLBA:1919119359
GPT Part5 StartLBA:1919119360 LastLBA:1919184895
DiskSize:1000204886016 NextPartStart:677380096(LBA:1323008) Index:1
Valid partition table (GPT): Valid partition count:5
Partition 1 start at: 2097152 2048KB, end:556793856, NextPartStart:677380096
###[FAIL] Partition 1 is not start at 1MB

If it is safe to attempt install with 2MB preceding, can the code be altered to check for a gap of at least 1MB, instead of a precisely 1MB gap?

EDIT: If you are worried about someone later putting a partition in the blank space and over-writing the 1MB, perhaps specify a maximum gap of 5 or 10 MB? I don't think anyone would bother to create a partition that small.

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