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 Load Driver - Driver missing Error on v1.0.17 Win 11
I am having the issue with getting the driver missing error. I am getting an IPv4 address and the boot management screen is showing the correct MAC address for the machine. I have downloaded and attempted to boot from a new ISO file. I have verified that everything is connected as it should be and I have been able to install on a few machines, but suddenly I have this issue. I ran type X:\Windows\System32\ventoy\vtoype.log      . I have found that for some reason if I manually run 
X:\Windows\System32\ventoy\httpdisk.exe /mount 0 /cd Y:  it will work. Why is it suddenly happening like this?
和我的一样,我的 不只是win11,奇怪的是我换一台完全一样的电脑就没有报错了

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