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puppy Linux 4.3.1 does not boot
I like puppy Linux 4.3.1, a very small system. But on booting with ventoy, it runs into an error - see picture.
then there is only the initial ramdisk mounted.
the ISO is here:

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I can't download this ISO file.
Please share with
I tested the link with free access and it works flawlessly. displays: Your browser seems a bit outdated
Try NTFS for partition 1 instead of exFAT
You can try 1.0.52
with 1.0.52 the screen gets completely dark after the selection, no messages are displayed. after 10 min i switch off (Laptop HP Probook 6550b)
with 1.0.50 it shows at least the start screen.

on a HP elitebook 8470p it shows normal behavior but after 60 sec it shows
iwlwifi-... firmware file req failed: -2
and does not proceed.

on a quite old HP 6735s it starts fine
But nice: Slacko 5.6 does now start, it also did not work before. 46 sec i cannot see any boot messages, after 56 sec the desktop comes up
on a HP 8470p Slacko 5.6 does also start.

@Steve - i cannot find any Option "Try NTFS for partition 1" in the installer tool
Quote:i cannot find any Option "Try NTFS for partition 1" in the installer tool
You have to repartition yourself. 

Although, it would have been nice if Ventoy had such option.

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